100 years agoA farm of 100 acres...


100 years ago

A farm of 100 acres on South River, belonging to the estate of Nathan Pumphrey, was purchased by Luther A. Palmer for $285. -- The Sun, Feb. 1, 1899.

The Johns Hopkins Glee, Banjo and Mandolin clubs gave a concert at the Opera House, Annapolis, under the leadership of Gervin Peters. -- The Sun, Feb. 1, 1899.

Trustees of the Anne Arundel almshouse unanimously re-elected Isaac W. Nichols as superintendent. Dr. Frank H. Thompson of Annapolis, was elected physician. -- The Sun, Feb. 7, 1899.

Saturday the name of Dr. Washington G. Tuck was sent by the president to the Senate as postmaster of Annapolis. William P. Levely is expected to continue as chief clerk. -- The Sun, Feb. 13, 1899.

The first train out of Baltimore since the snow blockade, comprised of two coaches drawn by two engines, reached Annapolis this afternoon. -- The Sun, Feb. 15, 1899.

Some farmers in the second district of Anne Arundel County have been compelled to tear down fences for firewood and use snow water. Fresh meats and coal oil are in demand. -- The Sun, Feb. 15, 1899.

Edward Collinson, with four horses, broke a track from South River to Camp Parole, being the first Anne Arundel farmer to venture in a vehicle over that route. -- The Sun, Feb. 18, 1899.

Pub Date: 2/21/99

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