Mission: To coordinate, promote and support the...


Mission: To coordinate, promote and support the provision of adult literacy services throughout Baltimore County and to support efforts to reduce illiteracy and to ensure there is a well-educated work force to support economic growth and development. Organizations that work with Literacy Works serve students in a variety of environments, including adult education and a class in English as a second language; on-site business and industry contract classes; family literacy programs; community-based volunteer groups; classes in homeless shelters; and classes in correctional institutions.

Latest accomplishments: The opening of three nontraditional learning centers that provide computer-assisted instruction in Essex, Lansdowne and Hunt Valley. In one year, 62 percent of the students increased test scores; 35 percent became more involved with their children's education; and 22 percent obtained new employment. Also, initiation of an information and referral line for students and volunteers, and implementation of promotional campaigns to recruit students and volunteers.

On the horizon: "Breakfast with Cokie Roberts," a fund-raising event from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. March 10 at the Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn. Roberts, a news analyst with NPR and ABC, will discuss and sign her book, "We Are Our Mothers' Daughters." Also, "Links for Literacy," an annual golf outing, May 24 at Hunt Valley Golf Club.

About Literacy Works: Attendance: More than 6,000 students annually. Operating budget: $200,000.

Where and when: Headquarters at 9100 Franklin Square Drive. Call 410-887-2001.

Donald J. Slowinski, president of the board of directors: "Our principal focus is to increase adult literacy. One in every five Baltimore County adults is at the lowest literacy level -- that's equivalent to a fifth-grade reading level. By reducing adult illiteracy, we can help improve the quality of life and open doors to employment opportunities."

Members of the board

J. Michael Brennan

Michael O. Brooks

Michael Carey

Carmen Del Guercio

Martin J. Droney

Mary Geraghty

Dianne Gilbert

M. Hirsh Goldberg

Scott Holland

Christine W. Johnson

Claudette Jones

Michael J. Long

Laurens MacLure

Linton Marshall III

Braxton Mitchell

Paul Neumayer

Seema Reznick

Vincent Scarfo

Arnold R. Scheinberg

Malinda B. Mall

Christopher Smith

Sheridan Smith

Janet R. Tolbert

Larry Vinck

Pub Date: 02/21/99

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