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Ravens offer empty promisesA number of Ravens...


Ravens offer empty promises

A number of Ravens PSL owners and I are concerned about the commitment that the organization has to us and to putting a winner on the field.

We fans have done everything possible to give Art and David Modell what they want/need so that they could compete in the NFL world of greed. In return they just keep giving us promises and hopes that this year we will see the Promised Land.

They don't re-sign our quality players and don't sign any quality free agents.

We don't have a say in where our money goes, ticket prices will increase, we will only sign second-rate free agents, and our hard-earned money will always stay in the Modells' pockets.

Quentin Lambert


Where are Steadman's ethics?

Once again, Sun readers have been treated to another bitter tirade courtesy of John Steadman. Steadman writes, "If some member of the media wanted to roll over for the Ravens and not express concern for a public they are supposed to protect, then it's a reflection on their lack of ethics, character and integrity."

I imagine that in his 40-plus years as a sportswriter, Steadman has attended thousands of sporting events at no charge, courtesy of his press pass, while enjoying parking privileges and free food and refreshments unavailable to the general sporting public.

If Steadman wishes to make an ethical statement, may I suggest he burn his press pass and boycott all Ravens games so that he doesn't soil his integrity.

May I further suggest that since Steadman seems perpetually mired in the 1950s and '60s, that his column be relocated to the Today section's "Way Back When" feature, where his wishful remembrances would be more appropriate.

Francis Donohue


Wrestler, parents can't dictate

In response to the Feb. 9 article concerning a Mount St. Joseph wrestler not making weight: Since when do a wrestler and his parents dictate the weight he will wrestle at?

Coaches begin to establish a lineup during December and to some extent in early January. Why would any coach disrupt a set, 13-man lineup to accommodate one wrestler, especially a sophomore?

Do the words team, dedication, sacrifice and continuity mean anything? In wrestling, they constitute what wins championships.

Coach Brian Murphy was correct in his decision. No wrestler is bigger than the team.

Steve Schafer

Glen Burnie

Pub Date: 2/21/99

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