Corrective actionQUOTED FROM a recent, memorable press...


Corrective action

QUOTED FROM a recent, memorable press release out of the Anne Arundel County Police Department in Millersville:

"Dennis was in the rear of his house target shooting when he had some type of malfunction with his revolver. In an attempt to correct this problem he discharged one shot into his abdomen. Dennis had been drinking."

-- Devon Spurgeon

A monumental matter

THE BUICK Regal that had stopped dead in the middle of West Street before lunch was still there, still stopped, after lunch. One of the men standing on the sidewalk watching the proceedings in Annapolis' historic district as a police accident investigation unit pulled up summed up the situation dryly: "It's the latest monument."

-- Rosemary Armao

Manageable, but tricky

JOB CHANGES can be logistical nightmares for some commuters, but Marvin Bond's move from assistant state comptroller to chief of staff for Anne Arundel County should be more manageable. The comptroller's building is less than 50 yards from the county government headquarters in Annapolis.

"All he's got to do is get on the other side of the street," said state Sen. Robert R. Neall, a Davidsonville Republican. "It is a dangerous crosswalk there. You've got to look three ways to make sure you don't get homogenized."

-- Andrea F. Siegel

Pub Date: 2/21/99

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