Terps still aiming for top seed, but ACC unlikely to top 3 bids


Opinion: If the Maryland Terrapins win their last three regular-season games and lose to Duke in the ACC tournament final, they could draw a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament. A 27-5 record normally wouldn't be good enough, but three of the losses would be to Duke and few other teams can match the Terps' record. Hey, it sounds crazy, but it could happen.

Fact: Had Tamir Goodman played for Maryland this season, he would have missed five of 29 regular-season games for religious observances.

Opinion: Highly recommended reading: David Remnick's "King of the World," about the two Ali-Liston fights; and Steve Rushin's hilarious "Road Swing," about a car trip taken in pursuit of the soul of American sports.

Fact: Indiana coach Bob Knight complained last week that the Northwestern student section was rude.

Opinion: Maybe Falcons safety Eugene Robinson just thought the young lady was a member of the International Olympic Committee.

Fact: The Orioles will play five Grapefruit League games against Mark McGwire's Cardinals and three against Davey Johnson's Dodgers.

Opinion: Local college basketball rankings: 1) UMBC, 2) Coppin State, 3) Loyola, 4) Morgan State, 5) Towson.

Fact: Former Ravens Orlando Brown, Wally Williams and James Jones -- three players who have never gone to the Pro Bowl -- signed contracts totaling close to $60 million.

Opinion: If the Orioles are still serious about adding another starting pitcher, the Royals' Kevin Appier should become available if he has a healthy spring.

Fact: For all those hoping to see Jerry Reinsdorf get his, the White Sox have sold 8,000 season tickets and the Bulls are dead last in the NBA in scoring.

Opinion: The NFL's best free-agent signing so far? The Broncos' addition of Pro Bowl cornerback Dale Carter. As if they needed to keep getting better than everyone else.

Fact: Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, after sitting through his first arbitration hearing: "You think you're doing a pretty good job and they tell you how bad you are."

Opinion: If Bill Clinton is innocent, so is Marv Albert.

Fact: The NBA has reinstated the officials who were suspended after the IRS caught them exchanging first-class plane tickets for coach seats and pocketing the difference.

Opinion: David Duval on the lack of emotion he showed while shooting a stunning 59 to win a PGA Tour event several weeks ago: "You can't be something you're not."

Fact: Duval has won nine PGA Tour events since October 1997. No one else has won more than twice during that stretch.

Opinion: You want to see the definition of someone playing "hungry," watch Maryland's Juan Dixon.

Fact: The Terps are 20-0 when ahead at halftime and 2-4 when behind or tied.

Opinion: After Duke, Maryland and North Carolina, the ACC really doesn't have another legitimate NCAA tournament qualifier. The middle of the pack -- Florida State, North Carolina State and Georgia Tech -- is a combined 3-16 against AP Top 25 teams.

Fact: Two British soccer clubs agreed to play a game over recently after agreeing that the winning goal was scored "in unsportsmanlike fashion," while a player was injured.

Opinion: The chances of that happening in the NFL or the major leagues are about as good as the chances of Art Modell moving back to Cleveland.

Fact: The Utah Jazz was playing its fourth game in six nights Tuesday night in Seattle when it scored 56 points, the second-lowest total since the invention of the shot clock.

Opinion: Now that Michael Jordan is retired, auto racing's Jeff Gordon is the most dominant athlete in any sport.

Fact: For those scoring at home, that's twice in his career now that Andre Agassi has been defaulted for using obscenities during a match. (The second time was last week.)

Opinion: Don't worry, it's only a rumor that the Cleveland Browns have already clinched a 1999 wild-card berth.

Fact: Dennis Rodman's shoe company will pay him three times as much as his team this season if he signs for $1 million, as expected.

Opinion: The NFL is going to do everything possible to block the sale of the Redskins to Howard Milstein, but it'll lose in the end.

Fact: IOC president Dick Pound recently explained that Mark McGwire was "all souped up."

Opinion: If we all close our eyes, maybe the ESPYs will just go away.

Pub Date: 2/20/99

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