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Two-alarm fire causes $115,000 damage to Roxbury Road farmhouse in Glenelg; Fireplace ashes left on porch blamed for blaze


Fireplace ashes left on a porch in Glenelg led to a two-alarm fire yesterday afternoon and more than $115,000 in damage to a farmhouse.

About 30 Howard County firefighters responded to a 12: 21 p.m. call in the 14900 block of Roxbury Road and spent 28 minutes putting out the blaze.

They later determined that hot ashes left in a metal bucket were too close to combustible material.

The fire spread to both floors of the house. No one was home when the fire broke out.

The homeowners "cleaned their fireplace and left the ashes on the floor," said Capt. Kenneth Byerly of the Howard County Fire Department.

Byerly said about two fires a year are caused by ashes disposed of incorrectly.

This was the first of the year.

Pub Date: 2/18/99

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