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A glimpse of how the Dow contest is unfolding


WHERE WILL the Dow Jones industrial average close on Friday, Dec. 31, the day before we change centuries?

Here, from your contest postcards, are some readers' predictions.

"Internet bubble will burst in summer, but bet on the Net to carry market to new highs. I say 10,490." (Dr. Christopher Koterwas, Elkton).

"I predict 9,304. Asia and South America will keep Dow from reaching stratosphere." (Patricia Ranney, Millersville.)

"Market will show strength throughout the year. Resolution of Clinton trial will boost Dow to 10,124." (Michael Boner, Phoenix.)

"Tech stocks and mergers will keep bulls running in 1999. I say 10,153." (Jack Michael, Sykesville.)

"I forecast a Dow increase to 10,331, based on more consumer spending, low inflation and Pacific Rim rebound offsetting Brazil's problems." (Bernard Brown, Havre de Grace, the runner-up in last year's contest.)

"Corporate earnings will slow, but easy Internet trading will push market ahead to 10,152." (David Durfee Sr., Baltimore.)

"Dow will end at 8,262, decline of 10 percent. Recession and problems in Asia, Latin America and Russia will drag U.S. economy down, even though third year of a presidency generally bodes well for stocks." (E. C. Piercy, Baltimore.)

"Economy will slow down this year, so Dow will close at 9,986." (Stanley Graham, Severn.)

"As foreign governments continue financially unstable, Dow becomes very attractive and will close at 10,602." (Michael Bennett, Baltimore.)

"My prediction is 10,175. Since the Dow has no Internet stocks, the average will stay about the same, more or less." (Jerry Lambert, Pasadena.)

"I predict 10,025. Dow will have hard time crossing 10,000 psychological barrier, but continued influx of 401(k) monies will maintain upward momentum." (J. Brian Shepard, Catonsville.)

Pub Date: 2/17/99

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