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Boy, 13, boards BWI plane, flies without ticket


Southwest Airlines is investigating how a 13-year-old Baltimore boy managed to sneak onto a plane -- apparently without a ticket -- and fly from Baltimore to San Diego with three stops in between.

Tay'mond Allen of the 3200 block of Shannon Drive in Northeast Baltimore managed to obtain a boarding pass for a Jan. 25 flight from Baltimore-Washington International Airport to San Diego, a Southwest spokeswoman said last night from the discount carrier's headquarters in Dallas.

Kristin M. Nelson, the Southwest official, said no one is allowed to board without a pass and that most of what the airline knows about the incident has come from media reports.

"We have a lot of people to talk to," Nelson said, including the child's parents. "We just want to get to the bottom of this."

No one answered the door at the boy's house last night.

Tay'mond apparently ran away from home after arguing with his parents Jan. 24. Thinking her son was the victim of foul play, De'Lene Taylor put up "missing" fliers with the boy's picture.

She reported Tay'mond missing a day later. Two weeks later, according to Baltimore police, the boy was found unharmed in San Diego. Southwest officials said flight No. 923, which Tay'mond apparently boarded at BWI, stopped in St. Louis, Oklahoma City and Phoenix before reaching San Diego.

"Our reports say that he had [run away] before but would usually come home after a day or two," said Angelique Cook-Hayes, a police spokeswoman.

Pub Date: 2/17/99

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