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Harassed Arundel teacher's car is egged; Police will question school administrators


Anne Arundel County police were called again yesterday to the home of a high school math teacher who returned from a weekend vacation to find her house and car splattered with eggs.

It was the third time since December that Kay Sokoloff, who has been followed and hounded by a student she helped keep out of the National Honor Society, called police to her home.

Police said they will question Chesapeake High School administrators today to see if the incident could be related to the dispute with Franklin Pierce Wright III, her former student angry that she did not support his nomination for National Honor Society.

Wright, 18, has admitted to barking at Sokoloff in the school hallways and honking his car horn in front of her home because she voted against letting him into the honor society. Wright says he did it so that she could "feel his pain."

Sokoloff, who has taught at the school for 17 years, had returned home from North Carolina about 3 p.m. yesterday to find egg yolk dripping from a car parked in her driveway.

The 51-year-old teacher also had a menacing message on her answering machine.

"Let me make out with your wife," said the caller, who also sang the Dial-A-Mattress theme song.

Sokoloff says she has complained to the principal, Harry Calender, about the teen's barking at her in the hallways and honking in front of her home at least four times a day. Sokoloff said she asked Calender to file a complaint with the county Board of Education. Jane Doyle, a spokeswoman for the board, said she knew of no such complaint.

Calender did speak with Wright about his behavior.

"I certainly took action, but I cannot discipline him in the community," said Calender. "There was nothing mean or nasty in his dealings with me."

The student has not been disciplined by school authorities. County police say they are considering filing criminal charges against him.

Wright apologized on WJZ-TV (Channel 13) news Saturday for his "immature and childish" behavior.

Pub Date: 2/16/99

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