Looks like God still works in mysterious ways


Members of the controversial and conservative Christian prophecy movement made a few predictions about Bill Clinton in a story in the Los Angeles Times six years ago -- long before Monicagate. In light of Friday's impeachment acquittal of the president, we look back on the excerpts:

"God has often elected leaders who were of questionable moral stature, but would change them. King David was both a murderer and adulterer, but God still loved him and used him. The Lord stated it was his intention to use Bill Clinton for good and not for evil, but it will depend on how the church responds to him."

"Instead of complying with the biblical mandate of praying for the government some respected Christian leaders will actually start to rejoice that they have a perceived enemy in the White House because of the amount of money they can raise. Self-righteousness has crept into the movement to such a degree that the Lord himself is about to oppose it."

"It is the Lord's intention for Clinton to triumph over the obstacles the enemy will put in his place."

"If the church would spend as much time and energy on preaching the gospel and prayer as it now spends on politics and emphasizing bad news, there could be such a revival that we wouldn't have to worry about changing laws."

Pub Date: 2/15/99

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