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"My favorite book is 'The Ghost in...


"My favorite book is 'The Ghost in the Mirror' by John Bellairs. I liked that book because it has some suspense. For example, the book had an old man go out in the stormy night. The old man was an important character. That not only left the characters in suspense, but left me in suspense. Another reason why the book was cool is it was science-fiction and it was supposed to be scary."

-- Dennis Owrutsky

Church Lane Elementary

" 'Addy's Surprise' by Connie Porter is about a girl named Addy Walker and her mother who escaped up north. During their travels, Addy always thought about her father because he's still a slave. Do you think Addy will see her father again? Read the book and find out!"

-- Sharnell Lightsey

Leith Walk Elementary

"My favorite book is 'No Milk' by Jennifer A. Ericsson. It is about a little boy trying to milk a cow. But the boy tried everything and there was still no milk. So he gave the cow a little pat, a squeeze and a tug and the cow gave milk, which made the boy very happy."

-- Rachel N. Biedronski

Our Lady of Hope School

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Pub Date: 02/14/99

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