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'Meet M & M'


Editor's note: Mandy and Mimi were best friends who were sometimes mistaken for twins. But then one day they had a terrible fight.

One crabby day everything went wrong. Mandy and Mimi argued about what games to play and how to play them. Finally, they decided playing cards would be fun.

But then, they argued over where to play! After that, Mandy would not let Mimi pet Baby on her special pillow -- not even once. That same day, Mimi showed Mandy her new box of markers in twenty exciting colors. But she only let Mandy look.

Before they knew it, they had one awful fight. "You Dummy!" screamed Mimi. "You Big Jerk!" screamed Mandy. Maxi barked at both of them. And that was that.

Mimi went home to 3B. She said she was never ever coming back. Mandy called out, "Who cares?" And she slammed the door so hard she hit her elbow on the wall.

They knew each other's phone number by heart. And most of the time when they got mad they called back in a few minutes and said, "Want to play?" That always meant, "I'm sorry." But this time the phone did not ring.

That very day Mandy hid in the curtains and watched Mimi walk Maxi. Later on, Mimi watched Mandy ride her bike with Tommy from 3C.

The next day, they met in the elevator going down. The first thing Mimi said was, "I'm going to the circus with Tommy." "Well, I've already been -- two times," said Mandy. When the elevator got to the lobby, they didn't even say goodbye.

On the third day, the rain came down like a cold shower. Mimi sat alone in her room with Maxi in 3B. Maxi was glad to have Mimi there. He rubbed his sloppy mouth all over Mimi's face giving her kisses.

But Mimi was not in the mood for dog kisses. She was in the mood for the biggest bubble bath ever. But before long, most of the good bubbles had gone away. Only gray water was left, and a dirty ring. It was just no fun taking a bubble bath alone.

Downstairs in 2B, Mandy tried to play the Haunted House Game alone. But the game was not scary at all. So she decided to play with Baby. But Baby just slept. Mandy got out her old, dry markers and wet them. But the colors were not bright and pretty on the paper.

Tap, tap, tap. Mandy heard a noise. She thought it must be the rain. But the rain had stopped. Tap, tap, tap ... Mandy looked out the window. There, hanging from a rope, was a yellow pail.

It was their yellow bathtub pail! Mandy opened the window and pulled the pail over the window guard and into her room. There was something inside -- a flat square package wrapped in silver foil.

Carefully, she opened the little square. Inside was a bright picture of Maxi. And a note that said: TO M -- DO YOU WANT A MARKER? WHAT COLOR? -- FROM M.

All afternoon, Mandy and Mimi sent the pail back and forth.

The last note from Mandy said: Meet me on the stairs. Mimi sent one back that said: JUST WHAT I WAS THINKING! Mimi raced down the back stairs, hopping fast. Mandy raced up the back stairs, two at a time.

They met halfway, where they sat and talked about what to do tomorrow.

From 'MEET M & M' by Pat Ross. Illustrated by Marilyn Hafner. Text copyright (c) Pat Ross, 1980. Illustration copyright (c) Marilyn Hafner. Reprinted by arrangement with Puffin Books, a division of Penguin Putnam, Inc.

Pub Date: 02/14/99

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