Same and different; ACTIVITY


In the story "Meet M & M," we learn that while there are many ways in which Mimi and Mandy are the same, there are also several things that are different about them. You can help your child understand the concepts of same and different by discussing these two best friends after reading the story together. Ask your child in what ways Mimi and Mandy are the same and in what way they are different. Some examples are:


* They are both girls.

* Both their names begin with M.

* They both live in an apartment building.


* Mandy lives in apartment 2B, Mimi lives in 3B.

* Mandy is bossier than Mimi.



-- After sharing this story together, ask your child to tell you some of the qualities she enjoys about her best friend. Have her draw a picture and make a name acrostic. First, write the best friend's name in capital letters with crayon or marker vertically on a piece of blank paper. Then, next to each letter of the name, write one word that begins with that letter and which describes a quality about the person. For example, in the name LILY, using the letter L you might write Lively, for the letter I, Intelligent, and so on. Your child could make a decorative border for these "Name Pictures" and give them as unique valentines to friends or family.

Pub Date: 02/14/99

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