The love you crave may be your own


Hear ye! Hear ye!

Scott Peck has an uplifting 1999 Valentine Proclamationf just for you, no matter how miserable you are. No matter how many cards, bouquets and candy boxes you did not get today. Scott Peck wants you to know that even if you are the loneliest person in the world, you are beloved.

And, hey -- you're in good company.

"Tragically," Peck says, the "vast majority of Earth's individuals will receive no Valentine card -- no evidence of special affection."

Peck thinks he can help correct this sad state of affairs with his "Powerful Message of Love," lovingly disseminated recently by press release. It concerns you, he says -- even if you think you have it made in the L-U-V department.

Before we get to his Valentine Proclamationf, let us make clear, as he does, that this Scott Peck is not M. Scott Peck, M.D., celebrated author of "The Road Less Traveled," a book that's become a fixture in classrooms, church discussion groups, therapy sessions and seminars.

M. Scott Peck also speaks of love. "Not only do self love and love of others go hand in hand ... ultimately they are undistinguishable," he writes in his best-seller.

Wise words. But words that have not stopped this new Scott Peck from penning his own book: "The Love You Deserve: 10 Ways to Perfect Love."

Well, what do you expect from a motivational speaker/real estate broker? But don't let his credentials keep you from appreciating the other Peck's soothing message, especially today. It goes like this:

Your very existence

is a blessing

to the universe

and you are deeply loved

and cherished.

Feel better now?

Thought so.

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