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Wohlabaugh turns down Browns' bid


BOSTON -- Free-agent center Dave Wohlabaugh, who played for the New England Patriots last season, turned down a contract offer from the Cleveland Browns yesterday.

The offer reportedly was for seven years and averaged more than $3.5 million, which would have made him the highest-paid center in league history. But Wohl- abaugh rejected the deal because it didn't include a signing bonus or guarantees against injuries.

Almost every lucrative free-agent contract contains a large signing bonus, which the player gets immediately, and guarantees on the annual salary, usually for about half of the length of the contract.

Wohlabaugh reportedly is on the list of the Miami Dolphins and is ready to visit with coach Jimmy Johnson. Wohlabaugh is a favorite of former Patriots offensive line coach Paul Boudreau, who is now with the Dolphins.

Pub Date: 2/14/99

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