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For one month, she's a queen; Celebration: In February, Beverly Dove shows off her proud heritage with African clothing.


For most of the school year, Beverly Dove, a secretary at Charles Carroll of Carrollton Elementary and Middle School, dresses the part of a "conservative secretary" in smart suits and color-coordinated accessories.

But come February, Dove, a life-long Baltimore resident, is an African queen from head piece to toe. When students ask about her regalia, "I tell them, 'I'm expressing my black heritage,' " Dove says. "It makes me feel proud."

Over the past 25 years, Dove, 51, has accumulated a closet full of African clothing, which she also wears to Afro-centric weddings and an occasional night of line dancing at Courtney's, a restaurant and club in Randallstown.

Were you always particular about coordinating your clothing?

No. When I was a kid, I just appreciated anything anybody wanted to give me. I was the middle child, and the youngest and the oldest got the brand names. I was grateful for the hand-me- downs.

Where do you find your African attire?

The orange and black African-print outfit I have on today, I've had for over 25 years. I used to do spiritual musical plays at my church and I had to buy these outfits before they became popular. I bought this at a small boutique on Eutaw Street that no longer exists.

Is it hard to find African clothing?

It's much easier now. There's a boutique on Read Street called Africentrics. And believe it or not, Gallo Clothing has gorgeous African clothing for $10 a piece.

Do you buy one piece at a time?

All of my outfits have to be the complete set, the head piece, big top and skirt or big pants.

How do you wear the head pieces?

I wrap my hair in them. I have two that set up like little crowns and a head piece that's white and gold and has a crown that matches the suit.

What do the children say when they see you?

They say, "Ooooh, Miss Dove, you look like a queen!"

Do you wear your African dress to church?

At church, Shiloh Christian Community Church, we have a heritage day in February. Everyone wears African attire that day, even our babies.

Do you actually have a different outfit for every day in February?

Yes. Luckily we only have 15 to 20 days of school that month!

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Pub Date: 2/11/99

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