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More than tobacco, alcohol is the real...


More than tobacco, alcohol is the real killer

The leaders of our state need a reality check. They propose a $1 tax per pack on cigarettes, supposedly to price them out of the reach of teen-agers.

Teen-agers are not supposed to be able to buy cigarettes. Why not go after the people who are selling them illegally? If the concern is truly the health of our teen-agers, why not impose an even higher tax on alcohol? Alcohol destroys families and causes more deaths than tobacco. Has anyone been arrested for driving under the influence of tobacco, or causing an accident that killed people?

When is someone going to sue the alcohol companies?

If the health risks of tobacco and alcohol have not stopped anyone from smoking or drinking, the price won't either.

Maybe they could get the heroin and crack dealers to price their products out of everyone's reach. Get real.

Barbara J. Suddath


Library shows common sense

It is so refreshing to read that common sense is alive and well in the Carroll public library system.

Cheryl S. Hoopes


Historic group says thanks for tour help

On behalf of the Westminster Historic District Commission, I would like to thank you for helping to make the Westminster Holiday House Tour a success.

Many individuals, organizations and businesses joined together to make the house tour a unique and rewarding experience.

The donation presented to the Carroll County Children's Fund was for more than $8,500. This reflects proceeds from the sale of about 1,000 tickets, as well as donations from the tour's corporate sponsors.

Laurie E. Walters


The writer is on the Westminster Historic District Commission.

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