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Liquor board fines two stores for selling to underage cadet; Amounts partly suspended because of good records


The Carroll County liquor board has fined establishments in Westminster and Taneytown for selling beer to an underage police cadet in December.

The House of Liquors in Carroll Plaza Shopping Center was fined $500, but half of the amount was suspended because the store has a good record in trying to curtail the sale of alcoholic beverages to underage patrons, the three-member Board of License Commissioners said in a written decision.

The liquor board, which held violation hearings for both offenders on Jan. 12, imposed a $350 fine on Taneytown Exxon in the 200 block of E. Baltimore St. The panel suspended $100 of the fine, saying the business has done an admirable job in curtailing underage sales.

In both cases, Charles Kaizer, a liquor board inspector, went to the establishments on Dec. 4 with a 20-year-old police cadet.

Kaizer instructed the cadet to try to buy a six-pack of beer and, if asked for identification, to provide his driver's license, which showed a birth date in September 1978.

The cadet was able to buy a six-pack in each store, Kaizer reported. He was asked for identification in Taneytown, but not in Westminster.

Owners of both businesses have 30 days to pay the fines, according to the decisions dated Feb. 3.

Pub Date: 2/07/99

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