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The impact of ACLU backingAT a recent...


The impact of ACLU backing

AT a recent Annapolis city council meeting, American Civil Liberties Union staff counsel Dwight Sullivan showed up to voice support for a controversial bill to charge event organizers for city services.

As he began his spiel, Sullivan prefaced his thumbs-up with a disclaimer: "I'm never sure whether it helps or hurts to have the ACLU pat somebody publicly on the back "

-- Cheryl Tan

In the eyes of the beholder

MINOR Carter, president of the Ward One Residents Association in Annapolis, commented recently on how ugly he thought the modern-style District Court building on Rowe Boulevard was.

"When it was being constructed, you would go by and think, 'Well, they can't make it any worse than that,' and then you go by the next day and you go, 'Yes! They did!' " Carter said. "It's got to be the ugliest building in the world. It looks like somebody had a Lego set and they had to use every piece."

-- Cheryl Tan

Don't forget the D'Amato

AT a meeting in Annapolis to discuss lobbying for an increase in the state's annual payment in lieu of taxes for police and fire services the city provides, Ward 3 Alderman Samuel Gilmer said he trusted the District 30 delegation would press the governor for a fair shake.

"I know A, B and C are going to do their best," said Gilmer, referring to District 30 Sen. John C. Astle and Dels. Michael E. Busch and Virginia P. Clagett.

To which, recently elected District 30 state Del. Richard D'Amato quickly piped up: "Don't forget the 'D.' "

-- Cheryl Tan

Pub Date: 2/07/99

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