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Leave Belle aloneI beg of Baltimore's sportswriters,...


Leave Belle alone

I beg of Baltimore's sportswriters, leave Albert Belle alone. I contend that many of his problems are caused by the media agitating him and meddling in his business.

Sports columnists in The Sun already have been piling on negatives, and Belle hasn't even played a game for the Orioles. With that type of treatment, should we be surprised if he goes off before the season is over?

Leave him alone, and let him play ball. If he doesn't want to talk to the writers, so be it, and who could blame him? But the writers probably would resent his refusal to talk, and would write more negative stories. Remember Eddie Murray?

Harry E. Bennett Jr.


Where's track coverage?

I'm still waiting for The Sun to do an adequate job of reporting on winter high school sports. The Sun has consistently failed to announce times and dates for indoor track meets and most of the time completely omits results.

The culmination of my dissatisfaction came when The Sun's "High School Sports Show" failed to mention the Baltimore County indoor track championships. The show covered basketball, swimming and wrestling, but there was no mention of the track championship that affected hundreds of runners.

Indoor track requires much dedication from its participants. Many meets begin at 3: 45 p.m. and end around 9 p.m. to 9: 30 p.m., usually on school nights. Since most of the meets are held at the Fifth Regiment Armory, rarely do any of the athletes' schoolmates attend.

Add to that the fact that The Sun is totally uninterested, and it makes you wonder why anyone would even bother.

Shawnee Twardzik


Call it 3M Stadium

3M would have been a much better sponsor for the new stadium: Modell's Money Machine.

Patrick Burdell


Rosenthal wrong on Ravens

As a consumer of the newspaper, I have a complaint with the product, namely the lack of objectivity in Ken Rosenthal articles.

The point of his latest long-winded column, "Deals put Ravens on hot seat to produce," was that the Ravens have fewer excuses for not winning than other teams because they are taking advantage of specific deals (PSINet naming, increasing ticket prices in club seating, salary cap room), so they should have more money to buy a Super Bowl champion.

An NFL owner doesn't take on such a burden just to bring a winning franchise to the hometown, but rather to make money. Art Modell is taking advantage of the business he helped to grow.

Yes, as a fan I want a winning team. However, I don't feel Modell is cutting back on operating costs to maximize profits.

Frankly, most of Rosenthal's articles have one theme: negativity. He is lucky to have a soap box whenever he wants with a semi-captive audience. You'd think he'd respect it more.

John Pusateri


Stop bashing Modell and Co.

It seems every time I pick up the sports section, every article is knocking the Ravens. Art Modell this, Ravens that, PSL this, PSINet that.

Stop the crying! We wanted a football team and we knew the price it would cost. Now that we have a team, you gentlemen proceed to bash it. Get a life!

The name of the stadium, stop crying about it. Modell paid $10 million for the rights to name it. The Maryland Stadium Authority took the money.

Just think, the possible NFL expansion team in Los Angeles could cost $1 billion. Our team is starting to sound cheap.

Jim McWilliams


Forget about the Colts

To Sun columnist John Steadman:

The Colts are gone and will never return to Baltimore. We all know about their past.

The Ravens are here and we need to support them. Please start writing columns about the present times and stop living in the past.

Ken Smith


Pub Date: 2/07/99

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