John Service, 89, an expert on China...


John Service, 89, an expert on China who was forced out of the State Department during the McCarthy era and later cleared, died Wednesday in Oakland, Calif. Mr. Service was the first of the "old China hands" to face accusations that a pro-Soviet conspiracy in the State Department helped lead to the takeover of mainland China by Communists who overthrew the Nationalist government in 1949.

Lili St. Cyr, 80, the blond bombshell stripper from the 1940s and 1950s who was credited with inspiring Marilyn Monroe to become a screen sex symbol, died Jan. 29 in Los Angeles, her family announced yesterday. Ms. St. Cyr parlayed her fame as a striptease artist into a series of Hollywood B movies and a successful line of mail-order lingerie.

Yu Qiuli, 85, a survivor of the Chinese Communist Party's epic Long March of the 1930s who later rose to become a vice premier of China, died Wednesday in Beijing.

Stephanie H. Boron Kubinski, 88, a seamstress who was host of the "Polish Hour" radio show for 53 years, died Monday in New Castle, Pa.

Kurshiah Burhanuddin, 87, the first queen of Malaysia, died Tuesday in Kuala Lumpur.

James McCrystal, 80, a retired judge who established the use of videotaped testimony in court, died Monday in Sandusky, Ohio. In 1974, he presided over what is believed to be the first trial presented to a jury entirely on videotape. It shortened proceedings by preventing jurors from hearing objectionable, prejudicial or irrelevant testimony and lawyers' comments.

Joann Grillo, 59, a mezzo-soprano who sang nearly 200 times with New York's Metropolitan Opera and co-founded a traveling theatrical company, died Monday in New York of a heart attack.

Pub Date: 2/05/99

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