Finding inspiration close to home; Author, Author!


Relationships and struggles from Patricia Polacco's own life are often captured in her

numerous children's books. As a child growing up in Michigan, Polacco developed close ties to her grandparents, to whom she credits much of her writing inspiration. Valuing and appreciating this relationship, Polacco has portrayed many such friendships in her books.

Polacco struggled with dyslexia

as a child, and did not learn to read until she was almost 14. She tells that story in the book "Thank You, Mr. Falker." Polacco went on to do very well in school and college, where she majored in fine arts. She even went on to earn a Ph.D. in art history.

It was not until she was 41 that she began writing books for children. Always an artist, Polacco was constantly surrounded by storytellers and eventually began to develop into one herself.

Books by Patricia Polacco:

"The Keeping Quilt"

"Just Plain Fancy"

"Pink and Say"

"Babushka's Doll"

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