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Just for kids


Be a 4Kids Detective

When you know the answers to these questions, go to

1. How many types of lemurs live

on Madagascar?

2. What does the cochlea in

the inner ear convert?

Visit A Living Eden

The twigs crackle under your feet as you push your way through the dense foliage of the jungle. As you come into a clearing, you see an amazing, endangered creature. Don't miss your chance-take a picture fast! This is just the beginning of your Madagascar adventure. At step into the boots of two famous filmmakers who trek around the world looking for rare and unusual wildlife, and see paradise through their cameras. Your journey starts with a click on "Eden Evolution," where you'll get a crash-course on the who, what and where of this amazing African island. Then you're ready to meet some locals, like lemurs and chameleons. Find out what it's like to be a nature photographer waiting for that perfect shot. Have fun frolicking with the lemurs. Just don't forget to write home now and then!

Good Vibrations

Open your ears and get ready to be dazzled by an onslaught of pitches, harmonics and beats. By listening up at you'll get the lowdown on everything from the history of sound to the properties of a sound wave. The Soundry explores the real-life applications of sound, including sonar devices and musical instruments. The sound timeline takes readers from the acoustic era to the digital '90s. Let your imagination run wild at the interactive sound lab; combine different sound waves, mix sound effects and create bizarre sounds.

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