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If you're one of the millions of fans of 'N Sync, you've probably got a favorite singer. All of the guys in the band - Joey, Justin, Chris, JC and Lance - have special fans. We yakked with Lance, and now we have a favorite, too.

James Lance Bass goes by his middle name - Lance - because his dad, grandpa and great-grandpa are all named James, too. To avoid confusion at home, his parents have always called him Lance. He is 19 and grew up in Mississippi.

Lance got the call to audition for 'N Sync in October 1995. "Right when I saw the guys for the first time, I knew that it would work out," Lance said. Two weeks later the group was cutting a demo tape. Lance started flying to Orlando on weekends and left high school in December 1995. But he earned his high school diploma through a University of Nebraska tutorial program.

Lance rarely gets a day off, so he stays in touch with his parents by calling home almost every day.

Lance doesn't wear earrings. (Joey, Chris and Justin do.) But he does wear a bracelet and necklace with the letters "WWJD," which stand for "What Would Jesus Do?"

"It just happens to be that we're all very religious," Lance said.

Lance is always described as shy by the media and the guys in the group, but he said he's really not. "I'm really adventurous. I'd try anything - rock climbing, sky-diving, that kind of stuff," he said. Lance even volunteered to go in the ring with a bull at a bullfight last summer in Mexico. It was scary, though. He said he'll never do anything like that again.

For more about 'N Sync, check out www.yakscorner.com or www.nsync.com. You can write to Lance and the rest of the guys at: 'N Sync, P.O. Box 692109, Orlando, Fla. 32869-2109.

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