Ho-hum bowl; Super Bowl XXXIII: Perhaps today's game will be good since the pregame hype has been so dull.


SUPER BOWLS are notoriously dull, but this one may have set a new low even before the opening coin flip.

The weeks leading to this de facto national holiday often offer some compelling story line: Green Bay's rebirth in 1997 of a once-proud franchise that had fallen on hard times; Denver quarterback John Elway's last gasp at a championship in 1998; the braggadocio of a Broadway Joe Namath in 1969.

This evening's game between last year's victor Denver and underrated Atlanta offers no such drama, no morality play. So desperate were sports reporters to ignite a little excitement they focused on a grudge by the coach of the Falcons, Dan Reeves, against his former assistant, Mike Shanahan, who now leads the Broncos.

Bad blood in the workplace -- stop the presses. Maybe Dilbert will perform at halftime.

Pub Date: 1/31/99

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