Guess how the Dow ends 1999 and win dinner, lunch or a book


IF YOU would like to have dinner as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ticker at your favorite restaurant -- please, not Maxim's of Paris or the Kobe Steak House in Tokyo -- try to win our 1999 Dow Jones forecasting contest.

If you finish second, you will be our luncheon guests. The 10 next-closest crystal-ball gazers will receive personally autographed copies of my book "Generation of Wealth."

To enter, send a postcard -- letters will not be accepted -- with your prediction for the 1999 year-end close of the Dow Jones industrial average. Send only one card per person. Ties will be decided by a flip of a coin.

Print your whole-number prediction (no decimals), name, home address and phone number. Give reasons if you wish -- we will print some -- but they are not required.

Mail your postcard to Julius Westheimer, Ticker Contest c/o Business News, The Sun, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 21278. Entries must be postmarked by midnight Sunday, Feb. 14.

To guide you, here are 1999 stock market predictions of some local and national financial personalities:

Baltimore-based investment adviser Eddie Brown, 10,300; Baltimore mutual fund executive Frank Cappiello, 10,900; Brian Rogers, T. Rowe Price, 8,800; Mr. Ticker, 9,800.

On the national scene: Ralph Acampora, 10,500; Laszlo Birinyi, 12,010; Bernadette Murphy, 10,200; Harvey Eisen, 10,200; Mary Farrell, 9,750; Elizabeth Dater, 9,840; Gail Dudack, 8,803; Robert Stovall, 9,797, and Marty Zweig, 10,775.

QUICKIES: "Size up the mutual funds in which your 401(k) or 403(b) is invested. Your time horizon is probably longer than you think. Your horizon doesn't end at retirement but ends when you expect to need the money." (Ross Levin, financial planner.)

"Stocks may be headed toward an 'earnings chasm.' Barring a miracle, there's no way corporate earnings can increase fast enough to keep giving investors the huge returns they've gotten used to." (Fortune.)

Pub Date: 1/29/99

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