For valentines, a change of heartsYou'll still...


For valentines, a change of hearts

You'll still be able to sweet-talk your valentine this year with "Be Mine" and "Be Good" printed candy hearts. But you also will be able to tease your lover with new sayings like "You Rock" and "Let's Do Lunch."

The Conversation Hearts, made by the New England Confectionery Co. since 1902, have added 10 messages, including "Love Me Tender," "I Got U Babe" and "Walk On By" as tributes to popular songs of the past and "1-800 Cupid" and "As If" for the '90s crowd. Other messages: "My Way," "Let It Be," "I Wonder."

And the fat-free treats won't wreck anyone's diet. The small hearts have about 3 calories each and the larger hearts have about 6 calories.

Weddings and the Web

Before saying "I do," the dot-com generation can get plenty of wedding do's and don'ts on the Internet. Modern Bride magazine's site,, has hooked up with to help couples choose cookware and recipes for entertaining guests.

Another wedding resource,, also serves as a gift registry and guide for this year's estimated 2.4 million U.S. brides and grooms. The site predicts we'll see retro cocktails, Chino-Latino food, marathon toasting sessions and "work-of-art" wedding cakes.

Pub Date: 01/27/99

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