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Taking the fun out of reading; Read Aloud Tips


Valerie Lewis and Walter Mayes, in their book "Valerie and Walter's Best Books for Children," talk about "reading repellents." These are common occurences that shrink enthusiasm for books. Try to avoid these responses when talking to your children about reading.

* Disapproving: "Why are you reading that junk?"

* Comparing: "Your sister Elizabeth read that when she was in second grade."

* Disciplining: "Clean your room or you will not be allow to read for a week!"

* Missing the point: "What are you doing reading inside on a sunny day like this?"

* Overzealous enthusiasm: Curiosity kills the story. An overly enthusiastic parent can remove the privacy factor. Reading is a solitary act and too much intrusion robs the child of that rich sense of doing something by himself.

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