John DeWitt Jr., 92, a radio pioneer...


John DeWitt Jr., 92, a radio pioneer who expanded the frontiers of science by bouncing a radar signal off the moon and back to Earth, died Monday in Nashville, Tenn. He also helped install transmitters for new radio stations including Nashville's WSM, whose output took the Grand Ole Opry into thousands of rural homes during radio's heyday.

Julian R. Goldsmith, 80, a University of Chicago scientist who served on the National Science Board, died Saturday in Chicago. His research on minerals under high temperatures and high pressures led to a better understanding of the Earth's crust.

George Mosse, 80, a historian who escaped from Nazi Germany as a teen-ager and became an authority on the ideological roots of Hitler's "final solution," died Friday in Madison, Wis., of liver cancer. His books included "Toward the Final Solution: A History of European Racism," considered one of the most important studies of the intellectual roots of the Holocaust.

Virginia Verrill, 82, the musical voice of Jean Harlow and other early Hollywood leading ladies and later a popular radio star, died Jan. 19 in Raleigh, N.C.

Pub Date: 1/27/99

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