Stocks that will let you fashion a monthly stream of dividends


HOW WOULD you like to receive dividend checks every month? Here, from Income Digest, is a list of stocks that will enable investors to receive monthly checks, high income and possible dividend increases: These are companies paying dividends in January, April, July and October. Current percentage yields are in parentheses: El Paso Energy Corp. (6.8), One Valley Bank Inc. (2.9), Philip Morris Co. Inc. (3.0) and United Dominion Resources Inc. (9.8).

February, May, August and November: British Petroleum Inc. (2.6), Highwood Properties Inc. (7.8), Kinder Morgan Energy partners (7.2) and Lake Head Pipeline partners (6.9.)

March, June, September and December: Allied Capital Corp. (8.0), American Capital Strategies Inc. (10.0), Southern Co. (6.4) and Washington REIT Investment (6.4).

"Want to save substantial amounts of money? Moneypaper says, "If you're keeping a sizable amount of money in bank CDs, you'd probably be better off letting them expire, so you won't owe a penalty, and using the proceeds to pay off or pay down your mortgage.

"The higher the interest you're paying on the mortgage, the better.

"Prepaying a mortgage is equivalent to investing at the mortgage rate. Thus, if you have an 8 percent mortgage, you'd be earning 8 percent by paying it off. That's much better than what you'll earn on a bank CD now."

Pub Date: 1/27/99

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