In search of the bear necessities; Book List


The bears may be hiding and hibernating during these cold, winter months, but books about them can be found easily -- on the shelves of your local library.

* The "Jesse Bear" Books by Nancy White Carlstrom

* "You & Me, Little Bear," by Martin Waddell

* "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?," by Bill Martin Jr.

* "Little Polar Bear," by Hans de Beer

* "Humphrey's Bear," by Jan Wahl

* "A Cheerful Note for Jack," by Arlene P. Boehm

* "Corduroy," by Don Freeman

* "Paddington Bear," by Michael Bond

* "You're a Genius, Blackboard Bear," by Martha Alexander

* "Little Bear's Trousers," by Jane Hissey

* "The Bear that Heard Crying," by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock & Helen Kinsey

* "Sleep Well, Little Bear," by Quint Buchholz

* "Polar the Titanic Bear," by Daisy C.S. Spedden

* "It's the Bear!" by Jez Alborough

* "The Bear Who Went to the Ballet," by Jean Richardson

* "Little Fur Family," by Margaret Wise Brown

* "The Adventures of Albert, the Running Bear," by Barbara Isenberg and Susan Wolf

* "The Biggest Bear," Lynd Ward

* "Sleep Tight, Little Bear," by Ingrid Huber

-- Courtesy Barnes & Noble, Annapolis Harbour Center

Pub Date: 01/24/99

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