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Don't bury the BlastOn Friday, Jan. 17,...


Don't bury the Blast

On Friday, Jan. 17, I watched the best soccer match, and one of the best sporting events, I have ever seen.

The Blast overcame what appeared to be a heartbreaking, last-minute loss to the Milwaukee Wave to tie the game on a miracle goal in the last 10 seconds and go on to an upset victory in sudden-death overtime against the current NPSL champions.

The next morning, I opened The Sun, anticipating the pleasure of savoring the victory all over again. To my surprise, the Blast story wasn't on the front page -- no headline, no picture -- merely a listing under NPSL scoreboard and a referral to Page 6C. On that page I found a truncated story, again with no photos, buried in the middle of nowhere.

Instead, The Sun dedicated the front page to stories about a convicted felon's upcoming fund-raiser against a joke opponent, two stories on the Orioles, one on the Ravens, one about college basketball, and a color photograph showing a high school basketball game.

In the meantime, Baltimore's only professional sports game is relegated to Page 6. I cannot understand your priorities.

Henry Koehler


Blast coverage nonexistent

Why is The Sun ignoring the Blast?

Granted, indoor soccer is not exactly as well-known as baseball or football, but since the Orioles aren't playing yet and the Ravens are done for the season, why don't you pay some attention to a hometown team that is playing?

The Blast won two out of three games last weekend and The Sun's coverage was virtually nonexistent! You sure put enough emphasis on the Thunder indoor lacrosse games. All we're asking for is the same coverage.

Sharon Mostyn


Take it slow with Goodman

There is no doubt that the Tamir Goodman basketball signing by the University of Maryland is a compelling human interest story. Few, if any, Talmudical Academy students have been courted by Division I athletic programs.

However, before Maryland ponders rescheduling its Friday night and Saturday afternoon games to accommodate Goodman, wouldn't it be prudent to at least wait and see if this kid is the real deal?

Count me as a Tamir Goodman fan, but let's face it: Playing against the likes of Beth Tfiloh and Arlington Baptist doesn't quite compare with playing Dunbar or City.

I'd hate to see Maryland go to great pains to adjust its basketball schedule if Goodman doesn't pan out as a big-time player. Even so-called can't-miss recruits often fail at the college level and are relegated to the far end of the bench.

Goodman is going to have enough pressure on him as it is. Let's give him a chance to prove himself first.

Morton D. Marcus


TV ignores horse racing

I would like to agree with Pamela Douglas' letter of Jan. 17 praising The Sun's Tom Keyser for his coverage of horse racing.

Keyser's articles at the very least seem to be the last and only way the people who care about the "Sport of Kings" can get a report. Don't look for the TV media to cover horse racing.

The only time the locals report about the sport is during the Preakness and maybe the Kentucky Derby. Not one of the local TV stations reports the results of any races held in Maryland. Of course, I realize they only get a four- to five-minute window to make their daily sports report. But the pompous clowns would rather give us 30 seconds of Mike Tyson's latest foul-mouth tirade or what Dennis Rodman is up to.

Channel 11 use to have someone who cared, Vince Bagli. I'm sure he's spinning in his arm chair. No wonder the tracks are failing. Nobody in TV does the job.

Mike Henley

Glen Burnie

Pub Date: 1/24/99

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