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In quarantineAT an Annapolis city council committee...


In quarantine

AT an Annapolis city council committee meeting Thursday, a strange seating arrangement prevailed.

While Aldermen Herb McMillan, Joseph Sachs and Cynthia A. Carter sat at a table in the middle of the room, their colleagues Louise Hammond and Michael E. Fox were assigned seats at two opposite ends of the room, far from the table.

With Hammond and Fox coughing, sniffing and looking more than a little bleary-eyed throughout the meeting, it wasn't hard to see the reason for the quarantine.

"We've isolated the lepers," Sachs announced.

-- Cheryl Tan

Stop the presses

AT the same Annapolis meeting, Alderman Herb McMillan announced an amendment to a bill he's introduced to charge event organizers for city services.

Attorneys from the American Civil Liberties Union and American Center for Law and Justice had worked with him and city attorney Paul G. Goetzke on the amendment to ensure the bill would not restrict free-speech rights.

Goetzke said he was pleased with the amendment and marveled that the two groups that came to a consensus on the bill are on opposite ends of the liberal-conservative spectrum.

"Any time you can get the ACLU and the ACLJ to agree on anything," Goetzke said, "that's front-page news across the nation."

-- Cheryl Tan

Award-winning kiss

The Rev. Robert M. Powell, former rector of St. Phillips Episcopal Church in Annapolis, received the Dallas G. Pace Sr. Humanitarian at Anne Arundel Community College last week. He kissed the woman who presented the award, then commented: "God, it was great to be able to kiss a young lady without being accused of sexual harassment."

-- TaNoah Morgan

It's his party

STATE Del. Michael E. Busch was naming the politicians who attended a Friday meeting at Annapolis' City Hall.

"Sen. [John] Astle, Dick D'Amato, Del. [Virginia] Clagett, Barbara Samorajczyk," Busch said. "And we let the mayor come. After all, it was in his building."

-- Cheryl Tan

Pub Date: 1/24/99

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