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Elway, Shanahan and Reeves made feud public affair


The bad feelings between Dan Reeves, John Elway and Mike Shanahan have never been very far from the surface. Here's a sampling of their public comments in the last five years:

Training camp, 1993, after Reeves was fired as coach of the Broncos and resurfaced with the New York Giants:

Elway: "The last three years have been hell. I know that I would not have been back here if Dan Reeves had been here. It wasn't worth it to me. I didn't enjoy it. It wasn't any fun, and I got tired of working with him."

Reeves: "Just tell him it wasn't exactly heaven for me, either. One of these days I hope he grows up. Maybe he'll mature sometime."

March 1995, after Shanahan and Reeves speak for the first time in three years at NFL meetings in Arizona:

Reeves on Shanahan's hiring as Broncos coach: "He's the head coach. He got what he wanted. Other than that, I don't have any comment about it. It's not a priority. I've got to go on with my life."

Shanahan: "He said I wanted his job. I didn't want his job. We've buried the hatchet as far as being able to work through it, but I've got a long memory. Anytime somebody says things like that without talking to me, my respect level goes way down."

Sept. 28, 1997, after Denver's 29-21 victory over the Falcons in Atlanta:

Elway: "There was talk all week long, but I was just concerned with playing the best football I could. I didn't have time to reminisce."

Reeves: "I've got to move on. I'm not the kind of person who can hold things a long time. I can't be mad at people."

Last Monday, after Atlanta advanced to the Super Bowl:

Reeves: "I don't live in the past. If you're going to be a football coach, you teach and preach to your players about looking to the next play and forgetting about the last one. You have to go through life the same way, too."

Wednesday, at a news conference in Atlanta:

Reeves: "There's still a lot of hurt that won't ever go away. You never will forget those things "

Thursday, after Reeves' accusations of betrayal reached Denver, Shanahan was asked if his relationship with Reeves was irreparably damaged:

Shanahan: "I would say yes."

Pub Date: 1/24/99

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