Shoes give her the option of being tall; Style: Footwear is the passion of Dina Klicos of Towson, but she doesn't neglect the rest of her wardrobe.


Dina Klicos, a veteran of Baltimore's volunteer community, has put in untold hours ensuring the success of benefit parties, dinners, balls and 5-K races.

The result? A great network of like-minded friends and a flexible wardrobe that easily slides from her day job as the Greater Baltimore Medical Center Foundation's director of annual gifts and special events, to occasions like "The Chocolate Affair." This event, to benefit the Center for Poverty Solutions, takes place from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 28, at the Museum of Industry. (Tickets are $35 in advance or $40 at the door. For information, call 410-659-0300.)

Klicos, in her late 30s, favors simple separates and suits, and has a well-known weakness for shoes. When she moved to her Towson home a while back, Klicos' friends volunteered to carry anything but all those shoes.

What's up with those shoes?

I love shoes. I just cleaned my closet out twice in the past month and got rid of 20 pairs of shoes. I have all styles. I typically go for a heel, but that doesn't preclude going for a loafer or a boot. My black shoes range from suede and leather to high heels to mid-heel chunk. I like Stuart Weitzman, Joan and David, Via Spiga, Cole-Hahn. I find shoes at Nordstrom, Joanna Gray, discount stores and New York shops.

How do you decide what shoes to wear?

It depends on if I want to be tall or not that day.

Is there a dominant color in your closet?

I do wear a lot of black. Over the past few years, I've extended my wardrobe into browns, some navy. And I like bright colors and will wear red or some yellow. I have three green suits. I like good quality, classic looks in suits. I'm into mixing and matching.

Do you shop to fill gaps in your wardrobe or for specific events?

I've gotten away from buying things specifically for an event. I don't have the time for it. If I see something and I like it, I'll buy it.

Do you have a personal shopper?

Yes. Lori Kilberg, at Nordstrom. But I also shop at Cross Keys, in D.C., the Tyson's Corner area and at discount shops.

Any shopping rules?

I don't pay retail.

Are you an accessories person?

I don't wear scarves. I do like certain pieces of silver jewelry. I love a pin that I bought in Vancouver. It's a whale, made by an Inuit artist. And in Durango, Colo., I bought a pin of a horse with a wild mane. It's called "bad hair day."

What is your greatest fashion challenge?

I'm short and people think that because I'm petite I can find clothes easily. But it's hard to find things that fit correctly.

What kind of fashion challenges does fund-raising present?

There are now a lot of events that don't require you to dress up. For a function like the Chocolate Affair, I don't have to run home and change. But that doesn't take away from the excitement of attending the black tie events.

Lipstick color?

Brown. It's Hyper by MAC. I don't wear red lipstick to match the red nail polish. But it will match the chocolate-brown outfit I'll wear to the Chocolate Affair.

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Pub Date: 1/21/99

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