Entrees please with fresh fare, homemade taste


* Item: Prego 2 1/2 -Pound Family Entrees

* What you get: 5 servings

* Cost: About $6

* Preparation time: 31 minutes in microwave, 80 to 85 minutes in conventional oven

* Review: These family-size entrees are a lifesaver. If you're too tired to cook or don't have time to prepare something from scratch, you can put these on the table without worrying that you're giving appetites short shrift. We tried the Fettuccine Florentine With Chicken. The spinach and mushrooms were fresh, the chicken was tender and the whole dish tasted homemade. Three of us ate two good-size helpings each at lunch. But with a salad and bread, you could stretch this to feed six people. Other flavors include Seven Cheese Lasagna and Beef Lasagna With Three Cheeses. Find them all in the freezer case.

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