More money, no new taxes; Carroll County: Legislative delegation lays out positions in new General Assembly session.


NO MORE taxes. Carroll County's legislative delegation has taken that unmistakable stance as the General Assembly opens its 90-day session for 1999. No increase in real estate transfer taxes, even though funds would be earmarked for the county's agricultural land preservation program. No increase in gasoline taxes, despite the need to pay for urgent transportation projects. No increase in the cigarette tax, despite its intent to deter younger smokers. No increase in liquor license fees, despite local requests The all-Republican delegation also disagrees with Democratic Gov. Parris Glendening's proposed 7 percent spending increase in the new state budget. It wants bigger tax cuts for citizens in a time of budget surplus. But don't expect the six Carroll representatives to thumb their collective nose at the governor's proposed $2.2 million increase in state aid for this county. Or at the extra millions for public education in Carroll. Or the additional $72 million in state funding for school construction, a 40 percent rise that enhances Carroll's chances for securing money to build a backlog of new schools for a burgeoning student population. The delegation will push for $300,000 to build a new county Agriculture Center (after last year's unpleasant rejection by the Democrats in a political power play). Full funding is expected this time. One disappointment for county legislators is the expected decision to cancel development of a state law enforcement officers' training campus on the former grounds of Springfield Hospital Center. Arguing that the South Carroll site (where a $10 million police driver training facility was built and a $5 million firing range is nearing completion) is not listed in the county's "smart growth" map to control sprawl development, the state plans to look at new sites. It would mean the loss of a new $40 million state complex near Sykesville. Pub Date: 1/19/99

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