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You've already heard it 100 times, but we'll say it again: It's not the gift that counts, it's the thought. With that in mind, here are some thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts you can make from items around the house. With these fun frames, you're giving yourself (your picture, anyway) plus your creativity.

Still puzzled about what to make? If you've got an old puzzle you don't play with anymore, try this: Cut a square from a piece of cardboard. Glue the top of a round ice cream container in the center of the cardboard. Then glue puzzle pieces all over the outer edges of the frame. When the glue dries, paint the frame. Then cut out a photo of yourself and glue it to the top of the ice cream container.

Stickers make decorating frames a snap -- and you can personalize your gift. For example, if the person you're giving the frame to is a "Blue's Clues" fan, find some stickers of Blue. To decorate, just stick stickers to your old frame, and apply a coat of Modge Podge. Let it dry and apply a second coat.

These are just a few ideas. There are old things all over your house that might make a perfect gift. Take a look around and don't forget to be creative!

Things you can use:

Pictures of you. Use school pictures or snapshots. Or frame some of your artwork.

Old frames that you can paint or glue things on. Or make your own frame from cardboard.




Modge Podge (clear-drying glue-like stuff).

Puzzle pieces, stickers, the top to a round ice cream container and other stuff around the house.

Pub Date: 01/18/99

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