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Backing up a 486 system; canceling America Online; Help Line


I feel I need to have a backup medium for my 486 system. I don't know whether I should get an Iomega Zip drive or a second hard disk.

Don't even think of taking on the hassle of adding another hard drive to that antique 486. A Zip drive will let you carry over your data to a proper modern machine when you upgrade, as you almost certainly will.

How do you cancel AOL?

Press Control + K and type the word cancel in the Keyword box and click OK. You'll get a window with a toll-free number to call and a snail mail address for canceling your service.

I have a Gateway 2000 166 Pentium that came with Windows 95 installed. I recently installed the Windows 98 upgrade and since then have been having problems with the mouse freezing up and totally disappearing, especially when I am on the Web.

I have a Logitech roller ball mouse and know that is not the problem, as I uninstalled it and installed a Microsoft mouse and the problem still existed.

I'll bet your mouse settings have been altered to force the mouse to wrap from the right edge of the screen to the left, and thus you aren't seeing it once it touches either edge of the screen. This happens a lot with track balls, because it takes very little motion to keep scrolling the mouse out of sight and the more frustrated you get the faster you move the ball, and the worse it gets.

Click Start/Settings and then Control Panel on your machine, and then click on the mouse icon. Click the tab for Visibility in the next window and then uncheck the box at the bottom called PointerWrap.

Several days ago my Start menu in Windows 98 suddenly increased in size so that it didn't fit on the monitor. Try as I might, I could not fix it. I went into the Control Panel but was surprised to find that I could not open the monitor icon.

When you click on that enlarged Start menu, move up to the tab for Settings and then choose "Taskbar & Start Menu."

The next window has a setting "Show small icons in Start menu." Select that.

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Pub Date: 01/18/99

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