1998's top screensavers


Social scientists could kill a few years and a few million in government grants trying to figure out what current download rates say about the collective psyche of cyberspace.

Without any editorial comment on my part, here are the most popular screen-saver titles for 1998 downloaded from Ziff-Davis' popular ZDNet computing site:

1. Animated 3-D Objects Screen Saver.

2. Swimsuit Screen Saver. ("Protect your monitor by rotating 15 tasteful original photographs of young women modeling bikinis at a California beach.")

3. The Budweiser Lizards Screen Saver.

4. Clinton Blues Screen Saver. ("This 16-bit monitor protector features an animated Clinton caricature playing his saxophone in a nightclub scene, backed by Gennifer, Monica and Paula. The Prez sings the blues about his scandalous woes and tells some great jokes.")

5. Princess Diana Tribute Screen Saver.

To browse ZDNet's screen-saver library and 10 other categories of popular downloads, point a browser at www.zdnet.com /swlib/98yir.html.

Pub Date: 01/18/99

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