"In 'The Best School Year Ever' by...


"In 'The Best School Year Ever' by Barbara Robinson, Claude got locked in the bathroom by his own brother, Ollie. Ollie wanted a reward because his brother's picture was on the wanted posters in the post office as a town joke. Imogene's snake got out of her science fair project and scared all of the teachers out of the teacher's lounge. It took a week to find the snake. The whole year was full of crazy tricks played by the big, bad Herdmans. I would recommend this book because my mother and I both had fun reading it together. It was very funny."

-- Jerrod Generette, Cardinal Shehan School

"My favorite book is Disney's 'Hercules.' It is terrific! Hercules is born a god but gets turned into a human. Hades (the god of the underworld) tries to kill Hercules. Hades tells Meg to trick Hercules into telling her his weakness. He said, 'I don't have any weaknesses.' At the end of the book, Hercules becomes a god again, but he chooses to stay on Earth with Meg."

-- Melissa Babitz, Church Lane Elementary

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