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William H. Whyte, 81, who helped pioneer...


William H. Whyte, 81, who helped pioneer the scholarly study of urban human habitats and warned against the proliferation of corporate conformity in his best seller, "The Organization Man," died Tuesday in New York.

Monroe "Bud" Karmin, 69, winner of a 1967 Pulitzer Prize in journalism for articles investigating the influence on gambling of organized crime, died Friday in Bethesda of cancer.

Working for the Wall Street Journal, he and colleague Stanley Penn won the Pulitzer for an expose about Mafia dominance of gambling in the Bahamas. He left the Journal in 1974 and worked for the Chicago Daily News, Knight-Ridder Financial News and U.S. News and World Report before joining Bloomberg News as editor at large. He was a resident of Bethesda.

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