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Nothing she can't handleA CALIFORNIA girl walks...


Nothing she can't handle

A CALIFORNIA girl walks into a Pasadena Kmart.

There's something called ice rain all over her car, and she can't get it off. She tried earlier by banging her friend's "ice scraper" on the window, and ended up watching the plastic tip fly across the parking lot while the handle landed on the hood.

"Give me whatever you got!" she told the nearest clerk.

He was very helpful. Led her to the ice scraper section. Showed her three different models. "This little one here, it's good for really getting under the ice, but this model, well, it comes fully equipped with the plush rubber handle for better gripping. Of course, my wife prefers these over here, that have superb angling for good leverage."

"I'll take two!" she said, grabbing a couple of cans of de-icer spray and a bag of salt, too.

She might not know frozen precipitation, but she knows how to solve a problem -- over-shop.

Laura Sullivan

Live, or Memorex?

CALLER, AFTER being told the person she wanted in the Annapolis office was unavailable: "OK, I'd like to leave a message on her voice mail."

Reporter: "Go ahead. You're talking to it."

Caller: (pause) "Wow. Live voice mail."

Andrea F. Siegel

Stamp problem licked

UNLIKE MANY of the people crowding into the Glen Burnie post office last week, I had 1-cent stamps, but I didn't have any more 32-cent stamps. Neither did the postal clerks, who had sold piles of stamps in the wake of a change in postal rates. A little quick calculation solved the problem: I just bought a bunch of 22-cent and 10-cent stamps.

Before the rush is over and 33-cent stamps are available in big supplies, one of the weary clerks noted, "People are gonna be doing a lot of licking. I don't know if they're gonna like that."

Rosemary Armao

Pub Date: 1/17/99

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