25 years ago:"With Congress getting its back...


25 years ago:

"With Congress getting its back up at last over the energy crisis, oil companies are being forced to reveal that their storage tanks are overflowing and that they actually have more gasoline on hand than at this time last year. Yet, through a foolish and totally unfathomable policy of the energy administration, gasoline stations are being denied the amounts of gasoline that customers need. to carry out their normal operations of travel, many times with serious implications to their work and their means of earning a livelihood. Under the monthly quota established, these stations are prevented from receiving what they need to maintain their businesses. Just what is behind this ridiculous contrived shortage? Is it, as some suggest, a political maneuver to take people's attention off the 'Watergate mess'? Or is it, as seems much more likely, a deliberate attempt to force up prices and give the oil companies larger profits in order that the government can collect higher taxes?" -- Community Reporter, Jan. 25, 1974.

100 years ago:

The wagon-house of J. M. Harden on the Nicodemus Road near Reisterstown was destroyed by fire at an early hour last Saturday. The loss is $1,250 and the insurance, $850. Mr. Harden thinks the building was set on fire by an enemy. The wagon house contained farming implements and a buggy, all destroyed. The building was located about 200 feet from Mr. Harden's dwelling. The fire was discovered shortly before 2 o'clock by Mrs. Harden, just as the roof of the building fell in with a crash. About two years ago, a son of Mr. Harden shot a man in the leg, who, he alleges, was in the act of setting fire to his father's threshing machine. -- Democratic Advocate, Jan. 28, 1899.

Pub Date: 1/17/99

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