To Keyser: congrats, thanksI would like to...


To Keyser: congrats, thanks

I would like to congratulate The Sun's horse racing writer, Tom Keyser. Winning the Eclipse Award is a major accomplishment; winning it twice in three years is not merely good fortune, it's about having a real talent.

Maryland racing has been a major part of our lives for the past 15 years and we have been subscribers to The Sun for as many. Your sports section is our favorite. The coverage and articles have improved with credit to Mr. Keyser's skill and knowledge of the thoroughbred industry.

My husband is jockey Frank Douglas. [Keyser's story on his near-fatal spill and arduous recovery was included in the winning Eclipse entry]. Thank you, Tom Keyser, for such a well-organized and compassionate story written about Frank's return and his struggles getting "back in the saddle." You were a gentleman first, during a frightful and sensitive time in our lives. You were never a mere writer in search of a story. Your time, effort and patience was appreciated and I shall never forget.

Pamela Douglas


A vote for Matthews

How about the CFL's Don Matthews as the Ravens' next coach? He's a proven winner, and we all remember the job he did with the Baltimore Stallions.

As a former editor/videographer with the mayor's office of cable and communications in Baltimore City, I got to go videotape behind the scenes on numerous occasions the training camps of the Stallions and Ravens when they first arrived to Baltimore for our cable sports show "City Sports Scene."

I've seen how players trained, behaved and interacted with their coaches. By far, Matthews' system brought the best effort from his players.

CFL coaches have proven themselves as winners in the NFL. For example, Marv Levy. Need I say more? Bring back Matthews.

Kevin Sykes

Howard County

Don't let M. Jackson go

This letter is directed to all of the sportswriters who have decided that the Ravens suddenly don't need the services of wide receiver Michael Jackson.

First, I'd like to thank Mr. Jackson for all he has done for this community, especially the Afro-American community, since the Ravens arrived in Baltimore, not to mention the support and loyalty he gave to owner Art Modell by being one of the first to try to gain fan support at a difficult time.

Second, this guy was a 1,000-yard receiver.

Money shouldn't be an issue. Loyalty should. I think it is time we rallied around our players. Let's not make another Vinny Testaverde mistake.

Quentin Lambert


Jets fans have no class

Last weekend, New York Jets fans proved once again to me and everyone else why they have a reputation for being rude, ignorant and out-of-control fans.

During the Jets' playoff game against Jacksonville, they announced the winners of the Punt, Pass and Kick Competition. Each boy or girl wore the team jersey of the city that he or she represented.

At this point, when announced, each stepped forward to receive the award, and New York fans responded by booing all of them intensely, especially the young man who won wearing a Jaguars jersey.

I was appalled by this. It shows me that New York fans don't deserve a championship team, because they are not worthy of one.

Hey, Jets fans, grow up. Never forget that those young people you booed could have been your son or daughter.

Robert Ludwick

Glen Burnie

Wootten does right thing

I sincerely applaud basketball coach Morgan Wootten of DeMatha High in Hyattsville for having the moral and ethical foundation to suspend two of his top players for 10 games for getting into a physical altercation and injuring an assistant coach. It's about time our young people see some consequences for their actions.

Too many of your youngsters see big-name athletes get a smack on the hand for what might land others in jail for assault and battery.

Thank you, Coach Wootten, for at least recognizing that the game should continue to teach sportsmanship and appropriate conduct.

Mary Lou Dulina


Pub Date: 1/17/99

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