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HUD initiative promotes safety at home for child


Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew M. Cuomo has announced a new initiative that will be used to help parents protect their children from potentially deadly hidden dangers inside their homes.

The program, known as the Healthy Homes Initiative, is a partnership of several groups and federal agencies that together will distribute millions of brochures on safety throughout the nation.

There will also be newspaper advertisements, television commercials and a toll-free information line to help parents protect children in the home.

The Healthy Homes brochure -- "Dangers in the Home" -- lists 37 simple and useful tips for parents that can make their homes safer for children. It also lists the toll-free hot line, 800-HUDS-FHA, that parents can call for more information and offers ways to contact five other groups for additional information.

Cuomo said 2.5 million American children are killed or injured each year in household accidents. Accidental injuries are the No. 1 killer of children in the United States.

Pub Date: 1/17/99

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