Those Rugrats! Now you can eat themThose...


Those Rugrats! Now you can eat them

Those rascally Rugrats are everywhere -- on television, in the movies and even on stage.

Now, they're in soup. Campbell's has come out with specially marked cans of Rugrats Pasta with Chicken in Chicken Broth, which features pasta shaped like characters Tommy, Baby Dil, Reptar, Chuckie, Spike and Angelica.

The cans also have under-the-label holograms showing scenes from "The Rugrats Movie," now playing at area theaters.

Cooking beef properly

Don't put it on the bun until it's done.

That's the message that Giant Food and other supermarkets across the country are sending to consumers as they team up with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to fight deadly E. coli bacteria.

The grocers will label all packages of ground beef with a warning to consumers to cook the meat to 160 degrees. They also are selling new disposable and digital thermometers, designed specifically for chopped meat.

Wegmans in New York and Arizona-based Bashas' supermarkets also are taking part in the public-awareness campaign.

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Pub Date: 01/13/99

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