Preparing for a performance featuring a son's two left feet


WHAT DO YOU MEAN he's going to be in a dance recital? I'm not going if he's wearing tights," my sister said cautiously.

Shooting her a snippy look, I acknowledged that "recital" was probably misleading. My son was dancing with members of the Glen Burnie High lacrosse team in a Dance for the Athlete class. Big, gangly guys with size 13 feet bounding about the stage waiting for a coach to blow the whistle so they can stop.

"Is this the class where the teacher calls you every three weeks and begs you to make him to wear socks to class? If he can't remember to dress properly, how is expected to remember the dance steps?" she asked.

Memory may be a lesser problem than genetics, my sister also noted: "His father two-steps his way through life in a pair of cowboy boots, and your idea of interpretive dance is watching "Saturday Night Fever" on TNT, wearing a polyester wrap dress, sipping a tequila sunrise while thrusting your arm in the air at appropriate intervals."

Ignoring her, I called my son into the room to verify that he was ready for the big dance program.

"Of course I'm ready," he said. Raising his foot into the air in an interpretive dance movement he added, "See, I'm wearing socks."

Step lively, Glen Burnie.

Evening of dance

More than 175 students of varied talents and styles will perform in Glen Burnie High's "Winter Evening of Dance" at 7 p.m. tomorrow in the school auditorium, 7550 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd.

Admission is $5 at the door.

Under the direction of dance teacher Dianne Rosso-Freeman, the dancers will present a program that includes ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical and modern dance. A performance by the Marley Middle School Dance Club is also scheduled.

The growing popularity of swing music among teens will also be evident in several of the numbers performed by the Dance for the Athlete classes. Always an audience favorite, the co-ed classes are so popular with the students that Rosso-Freeman has expanded her curriculum to include three classes presenting six of the 28 scheduled performances.

Performances by students in the more traditional dance classes complete the program with solo dances by freshman Erin Grube, sophomores Katie Knight and Cyra Miller and senior Susan Sperduto. The four soloists are also featured performers in the school's Dance Company. Students must audition for the company, which tours the state.

Miller is new to the company. A transfer student on contract with New York's Dance Theater of Harlem, Miller will return to New York to perform following graduation. In the interim she will grace the stage with her classical ballet performance.

For additional information on tomorrow's performance or to schedule a performance of the touring company, call Rosso-Freeman, 410-761-8950, Ext. 248.

Moms Club

Members of the Glen Burnie Moms Club will hold their monthly meeting 10 a.m. Friday in the fellowship hall of St. Alban's Church, 1st and A Streets, S.W.

Tish Mansfield, chapter president, says the meeting is open to all mothers and their preschool children. The monthly meetings include mother-child projects such as story time and craft activities. Activities also include bowling and trips to the Amish Market in Annapolis or to the BWI Observation Center. A monthly newsletter outlines the schedule, which also includes a Moms Night Out for adults only.

Mansfield believes the club offers opportunities for stay-at-home mothers to make new friends with parents with similar interests. Club membership is around 90 families. Parents can choose the activities that interest them. A baby-sitting co-op is available.

The $20 annual membership fee includes participation in the group activities and the monthly newsletter.

For additional information, call Mansfield, 410-255-1741.

Improvement association

The Point Pleasant-Shoreland Improvement Association will meet at 7: 30 p.m. tomorrow at the Church of the Good Shepherd, 1451 Furnace Ave.

President Robert Everhart will present new board members elected at the November meeting. In addition to Everhart, the following officers were elected: Mike Williams, vice president; Pat Trott, recording secretary; Dee McPheron, treasurer; Karen Pappas, financial secretary. Leo Brukiewa, Julie Forney, Doris Heinl, Kristi Brooks, Edward Trott, Bud Valenti, Mike Stein and Carol Schmidt make up the board of governors.

Other items on the agenda include a discussion of home safety by Clyde King and information on the 1999 scholarship program. The association offers two $1,000 scholarships every June.

Information: 410-761-3466.

Pub Date: 1/13/99

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