Response to Albert Belle's poetic introduction to Balto.


Welcome Albert Belle to Baltimore town

Where baseball's the king and he's wearing his crown

He can call Camden Yards his new place

As the season draws near for the World Series chase

As of Dec. 1, 1998, he has been blessed

He became an Oriole, the best of the best $65 million, not a bad deal

Five years with this club, boy what a steal He's the batterin' Belle, the Behemoth of Bust

Those magnificent catches and home runs a must

Though Ripken and Anderson are our favorites so dear

Others will follow as the season draws near

As fans of the Orioles we must confess

We will welcome his power, fervor and zest

His passion and intensity of the game is a must show

But please no ejections, no, no, no, no, no

As fans we can promise no more Coke bottles will be thrown

Because he has become one of our own

So with Belles that are ringing, we are here to say

Congrats and good luck to him, the Oriole way

We love this game they call baseball, you know

So we hope he helps out and has a good show

Albert Belle's poem, it went straight to our hearts

Gosh, we can't wait till the baseball season starts!

Janet Ruby Jaima Brown Leesburg, Va.

Pub Date: 1/09/99

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