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A midnight show to lure the nightowls; Movies: After a screening of 'Beyond the Valley of the Dolls,' local filmmaker Martha Colburn will show some of her ingenious work, accompanied by music provided by a DJ.


The Charles Theatre will play host at a midnight screening tomorrow night of "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls," the 1970 cult classic from Russ ("Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill!") Meyer and Roger ("Chicago Sun-Times") Ebert.

After "BVD," Baltimore filmmaker Martha Colburn will screen a special program of her new work on Super-8, 16 millimeter and 35mm films, as well as slides and found films from her personal collection. A disc jockey will provide the music.

Nightcrawlers are recommended to catch Colburn's show; the artist is a hot ticket on the microcinema circuit, and her work is always ingenious, beautiful, politically pungent and thoroughly inspired.

Admission is $8.

Rosebud is still open

There's still time to enter the 1999 Rosebud film and video competition.

Dramas, documentaries, animated short films, digital movies, music videos and works-in-progress are welcome to compete for valuable prizes (up to $650 and $1200 worth of film) and recognition when the ninth annual Rosebud festival announces nominees and winners in March.

Directors and/or producers must be residents of Maryland, Virginia or the District of Columbia and their films must have been produced or first released between January 1997 and January 1999.

Entries should be sent on VHS tape with a fee of $25 to Rosebud, P.O. Box 21309, Washington, D.C. 20009. For more information, contact Rosebud executive director Natasha Reatig at 202-797-9081, or e-mail her at

Two Rothschild films

The Fells Point Creative Alliance will hold a screening of two rarely seen documentaries by Baltimore native and influential filmmaker Amalie R. Rothschild on Jan. 22.

Rothschild, who now divides her time between New York and Rome, will be on hand to discuss "Nana, Mom and Me," her 1974 documentary about her search for her family roots, and "Woo, Who?" a portrait of artist May Wilson, known in the '60s as "the Grandma Moses of the Underground."

The screening will be held at the Lodge, 244 S. Highland Ave. at 8 p.m. Admission is $6.

New Sunday devotee

It's official: Gabe Wardell, a longtime figure on the Baltimore film scene, will take over Cinema Sundays in the position recently vacated by series founder George Udel. Cinema Sundays, a film-lovers' club that meets semi-regularly at the Charles Theatre on Sunday mornings to screen previews of upcoming movies, was started four years ago by Udel, a venerated figure in Baltimore film circles. Against all odds, he convinced hundreds of film fans to troop down to the Charles at 10: 30 on a Sunday morning to take in the latest in art films, from obscure foreign fare to edgy American independents.

"I feel like Jay Leno taking over 'The Tonight Show,' " Wardell quipped yesterday, adding that he hopes to build on what Udel has already accomplished. "I really respect what George did. He took this thing and developed a loyal folowing, and he has a really special connection with that audience. It's a big set of shoes to step into, and I'm going to do my best to continue his quality tradition while adding my own insight and perspective to the mix."

Wardell said one of his goals is to maintain the club's current membership while attracting an audience that is more diverse in terms of age, ethnicity and interest.

"I also want to use my connections to bring more filmmakers to town, and of course to bring in local filmmakers as George did," said Wardell, who is currently a consultant with the Maryland Film Festival and serves on the board of the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Wardell has also worked with the Baltimore Film Forum, Kino International (a distribution company) and the Atlanta Film and Video Festival. "My church is the church of the cinema," he said, "and I like to refer to the audience as the congregation."

The new season of Cinema Sundays will start Jan. 17.

Delays at the Charles

Speaking of the Charles, owner John Standiford says the new additions won't be ready until April. The three new screens and new lobby were supposed to be in place this month but, as in all things having to do with construction, "it's just taking too damn long," according to Standiford. Stay tuned.

Pub Date: 1/08/99

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